Chrysalis No. 154 & 155Chrysalis 153 Chrysalis 152 Chrysalis No. 150Chrysalis No. 148Chrysalis No. 149Chrysalis No.124 & 125Bold MovesChrysalis No 71 & 72Gelato No. 1 & 2Chrysalis No. 55Sugar & Spice No. 1 & 2Chrysalis No. 146Chrysalis No. 140 Chrysalis No.133-134 Chrysalis No. 113Chrysalis No. 99Chrysalis No. 98Chrysalis No. 82 & 83Chrysalis No. 81Chrysalis No. 70Chrysalis No. 64Lustre No. 24-25Chrysalis No. 42Chrysalis IIChrysalis IChrysalis No. 147Chrysalis No. 143Chrysalis No. 114Chrysalis No. 110Chrysalis No. 101Chrysalis No.126 &127Chrysalis No. 22Chrysalis No. 151Chrysalis No.14Chrysalis No. 25Topaz I & IIWandering Light I & IIChrysalis No. 129Chrysalis No. 128Chrysalis No. 108Chrysalis No. 107Chrysalis No. 89ArgentumTuesday Afternoon No. 1-4Chrysalis No. 79Chrysalis No. 78Chrysalis No. 76Chrysalis No. 41Chrysalis No. 144Chrysalis 58Chrysalis No. 69Chrysalis No. 132 Chrysalis No. 52Chrysalis No. 23Chrysalis No. 80Chrysalis No. 90Chrysalis No. 87-88Chrysalis No. 102Chrysalis No. 53
Mixed Media on Canvas + Wood

Wax crayon, acrylic inks, oil pastel, graphite, & custom glazes on canvas/wood. The "Chrysalis" Series is about transformation. Similar to when a butterfly is at its sheltered stage of being or growth, this series mirrors nature’s vibrations of unfolding. Beginning with an automatic drawing in graphite, translucent layers are applied, followed by more mark making, and more layers. Various mediums are utilized to build the surface.